Fable 3 officially announced for Xbox Natal

One of the most interesting games that were released for the Xbox 360 is coming back with its third part this year. And guess what, it promises to incorporate Microsoft’s latest technology, Natal, that is claimed to revolutionize not only the way we control video games, but also the whole way we interact with technology.

Fable 3 has all the necessary advantages in order to become an extremely successful title. Not only it is the latest part of a popular series, but it is also the creation of one of the biggest names and personalities in the history of video games: Peter Molyneux. Yes, the man responsible for offering us the legendary Black and White and Spore.

Not many things are know at the moment about the way players are going to interact with the game using the new Natal technology. However, producers have assured us that it will be a thrilling experience that will not make us regret spending money on both the game and the hardware. We sure hope that they are right, because a good implementation along with a quality gameplay are going to open new perspectives for console gaming.

In case you are wondering about the release date of Fable 3, it is set to come out somewhere at the end of 2010, in the period known as the busiest of the year when it comes to important game launches. We can hardly wait and hope that Fable 3 and Natal will not disappoint us.