Epic Games promises Natal support

Epic Games, the company that has brought us some of the most important titles ever released on the Xbox 360 platform has recently announced that all their future games will incorporate support for the new Xbox Natal technology that is set to be launched later this year.

But even though their latest title, God of War III, the last part of an extremely popular series does not support this technology, we hope that the next game they are going to release will be able to do this. In fact, it was pretty difficult for God of War III to support this technology because the official launch of Natal will have to wait for another several months.

But what can we expect in the future from Epic Games and what impact will their statement have. First of all, given the fact that they are the producers of two sensational series, God of War and Unreal, Epic Games will certainly not stop making quality titles packed with intense action and sensational graphics. Actually, we are more than sure that their next release will become successful and will probably start a new Xbox 360 madness.

Related to the way this is going to influence the industry, we believe that the other producers will certainly try to keep up the pace and this will probably grow the number of titles that are going to support Natal. Great news for us, and hopefully we will have several titles to experiment with at the moment when Natal is going to be launched.