Connected gaming experience

Probably for most of you this title does not suggest anything, but in fact it is all about a simple idea that you definitely have thought about at least once, but in the same time an idea very difficult to transform in to reality. What this is all about, we are going to see in the following lines.

Let's take the following simple and yet very common situation in to consideration: you have just bought the latest first person shooter and you want to play the popular multiplayer mode with two of your friends. However, you cannot do this simply because you have a PC, one of your friends has an Xbox 360 while the other plays it on Playstation 3. Three platforms that cannot be interconnected in any way at the moment so that you can play with your friends.

This is what connected gaming experience has to solve, uniting different platforms so that players will have the chance of enjoying the game experience without platform limitations. It can open up a whole new horizon for video games, but unfortunately this technology is still pretty far away. However, there are some signs that make us hope that in the near future we could be benefitting from it.

The biggest game developers claim that uniting the platforms and offering a connected gaming experience would imply too much work. Besides, some players sustain that this would create major unbalances in some games where certain players can take advantage from their platform. But maybe these disadvantages will be overcome in one way or another.