Cloud gaming - a new revolution?

It seems that 2010 comes with several extremely important launches in the gaming world, in spite of the financial crisis that has greatly reduced profits. And after Microsoft announced the very interesting Project Natal, at this year Game Developers Conference, or GDC, it was time for OnLive to reveal their new cloud gaming service.

The first hint about this service came back in 2009 when OnLive announced that they were working on a system that would offer gamers the chance of playing a game even if they did not have the necessary hardware. In addition, the game does not have to be bought and the only thing that will have to be paid is a monthly subscription of only 15 dollars.

This new cloud gaming service is going to be launched this year on June 17 at the E3 show. If you are interested in some technical data, we inform that the developers promise a ping situated under 80ms besides the possibility of playing in 720p resolution at 60 frames per second. In the near future this will be taken even further and we will be offered 1080p gaming at the same constant framerate.

We sure hope that this cloud gaming service will offer a great functionality because it is without doubt a great idea. Think of all the persons that have old hardware of integrated graphic cars. They will surely appreciate the possibility of playing the latest games on their computers without having to upgrade.